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GPS Tracker makes GPS Tracking fun and easy.

  • Install on as many devices as you like
  • 24 Hour Playback FREE
  • Unlimited sharing
  • Track family and friends
  • Add family members on a single screen


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Track all your devices in one app

The trackOmeter mobile app lets you view and playback the location of all your devices, install the app and share your location with others.

  • GPS Tracker | trackOmeter is FREE
    Install it on as many devices as you like.
  • Share your location with anyone without limitation
  • 24 hour playback for Free

The app runs on your iOS or Android device and continuously tracks your location. It displays all your trackers on a single screen and allows you to share any of your phones, trackers and vehicle trackers.

All location data is tightly secured with 2048 Bit SSL encryption.

Stay close to your family. Install the app on each phone in the family and track your kids.

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Beautiful Simplicity

Designed from scratch with simplicity in mind. There is no clutter and all the features work beautifully together.

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Free Live view and Playback

Or upgrade to premium with unlimited history and Augmented reality

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Premium upgrade includes

  • Unlimited playback
  • Extra tracking options
  • Go back to any point in time
  • 360 degree Augmented Reality View of your devices
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Image of trackOmeter app augmented realityscreen
Image of trackOmeter app screen
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