GPS Trackers



$249.00 $198.00

Standard vehicle GPS tracker



The RT-AR3 is a cost effective, 4G, GPS Tracker for vehicles, motorbikes, caravans, farm equipment or heavy machinery

Live View

Always know where the tracker is with updates every 10 seconds.

Alerts and Notifications

trackOmeter lets you know when people enter or leave a defined area such as home, school or workplace.
Be notified on Speeding, when a vehicle is stopped and started or when someone unplugs the tracker.

Trip Reporting

Each trip is logged for easy retrieval later using the trackOmeter app or the website dashboard.

SOS Alarm

On board SOS button that instantly notifies you by instant notification and SMS and an email.

Installation Free

This Tracker plugs directly into the ODB port of your vehicle and does not require any other connections.
When the tracker is unplugged, the internal battery takes over for uninterrupted tracking.

Ideal for

  • Taxi
  • Car Rental
  • Fleet
  • Bus
  • Trucks
  • Ambulance
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