We're building a new generation bike tracker

After years of thinking and investigating a bike tracker that will actually work, we’re got a prototype!

Not just another bike tracker

Tamper proof

The tracker is dropped into the frame of the bike and locked electronically. It cannot be unlocked or removed.

Motion activated

Your bike is tracked as soon as it's moved. You get notified immediatelly.

3 Year Battery life

Give your chargers a rest, the bike tracker uses ultra low power consumption components.

Live tracking

Bike is tracked continuously once it's moved. Track it's live location from your phone and share it with the police..


Insanely low data rates. Pay less per year than most trackers charge you for a month.

Tracks logging

Record and playback your tracks and keep an eye on your performance with detailed reporting.

Here's the thing

We have a working prototype, tested and working! But we need to raise funds to start mass production.

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