Motorbike GPS Tracking

Get instant notifications when your bike is moved. The 4G motorbike GPS tracker is easy to install and even easier to use.

Live location

Instantly see the location of your motorbike and play back trips and distances traveled.

Motion alerts

Get instant alerts when your bike is moved. With the battery connected or disconnected, the tracker’s internal battery will automatically send motion alerts directly to your device and email. The tracker can even call your phone and tell you where it is.

Maintenance Notifications

Setup regular maintenance alerts by duration or distance traveled and get notified when your motorcycle is due for service.

Location sharing

Share your location with family and friends.

Unlimited historical playback

Store the complete history of your motorbike’s locations. We never delete your old data so you can play back as far back as you wish.

Long battery life

Up to 6 month sleep mode without power

Quick installation

2 wire installation ensures continuous power and live location updates. Connect additional accessory cable and get additional engine start and extra trip events.

Tracking in cellular blind spots

The motorbike GPS Tracker stores all data onto it’s internal memory and sends the data to the server when cellular reception is available. No more blind spots when cruising through low GSM reception areas.

image of motorbike GPS Tracker
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