Applications of Vehicle Tracking System

The basic purpose, for which a vehicle tracking system was invented, had to do with Military Combat. However with time, GPS Vehicle Tracking System have found a wide variety of purposes and applications.

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GPS Vehicle Tracking System has found its application in both Commercial and Personal Space.

GPS vehicle tracking system

Fleet Management

A fleet tracking system is widely used by the Fleet Owners for the following functions.

  • Asset Tracking
    Companies can use a tracking device for cars to monitor the physical location and movement status of their valuable assets spread across geographical locations for insurance or other purposes.
  • Field Service Management
    Companies can track their various field service personnel for repair and maintenance and can send the closest field engineer to the client’s place leading to speedy and timely complaint resolution and achieving consumer satisfaction.
  • Field Sales
    Mobile field salesmen can easily reach their customers and target clients in unknown areas by getting proper directions and thereby reducing their time spent in locating them and achieving higher productivity.
  • Truck Tracking and Surveillance
    Logistics and Cargo companies use truck tracking to keep a track of the trucks carrying the load/cargo.
  • Cold Storage Monitoring
    Temperature Sensing is very important in case of transportation and distribution of refrigerated and perishable goods. With the help of Tracking System, one can come to know if the temperature of the cold storage is less or more than the prescribed level.

Driver behavior

Vehicle tracking system alerts the fleet tracking in case of unwarranted acceleration, speedy driving, harsh braking. This is extremely useful in case of school buses, Containers carrying sensitive items like Oil & Gas and other inflammable goods.

  • Oil and Gas Industry
    GPS Vehicle Tracking System helps the oil distributors by monitoring the oil tanker’s movements in the given location so that exact time of oil distribution to the customer’s oil station can be monitored. Drivers have also the facility to send alert to the fleet managers in case of any emergency / accidents / mishaps etc. This leads to improved asset utilization, customer satisfaction, vehicle and driver safety and safer work environment.
  • Ambulance Tracking and Emergency Medical Services Fleet
    Through GPS vehicle tracking system, ambulances and EMS Fleet can be monitored and sent quickly to the critical patients, thus providing timely medical facility and saving lives.
  • GPS Wildlife Tracking
    Wildlife researchers and animal conservation agencies can track the movement of animals and their migratory patterns. The systems can be attached to their collars, harness or put directly on their bodies.

Common Personal Applications

  • Anti theft and Vehicle Security System
    Both consumer and commercial vehicles can be equipped with a GPS tracking device for car theft. The presence of a vehicle tracking system helps the police to recover the stolen vehicle by tracking its movement. Some systems also enable automatic locking of vehicle or engine in case of an emergency. They may also trigger of an automated email or message to a phone if alarm is set off or the vehicle is moved without the authorization.
  • Tracking your possessions and near ones
    Tracking System helps you to keep a track of your car, luggage, valuable possessions, pets and even loved ones. They can be located easily keeping you free of stress and worries. A gps tracker for cars can also help you in locating where your child is going late at night.
  • Adventure/Traveling
    An iphone tracker helps the hikers or campers to find their home base. The home base or starting point can be stored in the phone tracking apps and it will lead you back to the same place in case you loose the way. Finding people who are lost on nature trails or avalanches can also be done through phone tracking.