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Staying in touch with your family and employees has never been easier with the trackOmeter GPS Tracker app.

In an age where crime is on the rise and lives and property aren’t always safe, it’s important to employ a smart system of looking out for others.

This is what RUHE Systems offers you in our mobile GPS Tracker App.

Once installed on as many devices or even six phones of family members, the app helps you to track your family, friends, and employees.

This smart technology for being at many locations at the same time gives social networking a boost.

Not only does it keep you closer to your family but also enables you to share your location with them.

It’s simplicity and live view options make it all the more efficient and interesting.

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How to track an iphone

Some people get easily panicked when they lose their phone. It could be worse than losing a body part. For others, it’s Nomophobia – the fear of being without your phone.

Now, who says this fear isn’t justified? Tell you – many people have their lives wrapped around their phones. It’s not just because it’s an iPhone, iPad or Android device. Many times too, it isn’t about the cost of replacement. Talk about contacts, networks, passwords, documents, business deals, photos, proposals, and the like.

So, rather than miss your phone, get ahead of whatever imaginary looming crises – phone theft or damage. By installing this mobile GPS tracker app, you find answers to one of the most common questions – “how to track a phone.” Whether your concern is your phone, spouse, kid, friend or employee, TrackOmeter gives you a phone tracker app that makes your GPS tracking easier and simpler.

How the Mobile GPS Tracker App Works

Are you wondering about the price and ease of getting this app to work? Relax! Unlike many GPS tracking apps which come with so much clutter and cost that leave you confused, trackOmeter mobile GPS tracker app is easy to use and gives you an exciting user experience.

First, download is free for iOS and Android phones. As soon as you install it on your mobile or several devices, you begin to enjoy limitless sharing of your location with anyone you choose. With a single tap, you can exchange your location with friends or find out where they are.

In fact, this track-and-share innovation involves tracking more than one person at a time on a single screen. On this single screen, you can monitor both your vehicle trackers and phone trackers. Yes!
What’s more? The free download and installation of trackOmeter GPS tracker app comes with a 24 hour playback. And this implies that you can track your (or other’s) location every single second of the day.

Say you had an employee travel on business and they didn’t go with a vehicle, this mobile app helps you stay abreast of their movements. There’s no need to fret about not attaching a vehicle tracking device to their car. With this phone tracker, you more or less become a “see-all-know-all.”

Family locator

Using the app, you’re able to use it as a family locator to share the location with your loved ones.

To use it as a family tracker app, log into the app with the same account as the rest of your family and you will see each other’s location on the single screen.

Phone Tracker

The free phone tracker app is not only a person tracker but is a free iPhone and android phone tracker.
Log into the web portal and track your mobile from a PC or Mac.

Track my car

Mobile GPS tracking of your car is very easy. Just install the app and buy one of trackOmeter GPS vehicle trackers. You’ll be able to monitor your car tracking device directly from with the app.

Additional Features & Benefits of trackOmeter GPS location app

Over the years, TrackOmeter has helped many businesses and companies to monitor their employees’ performance, usage of trucks and company vehicles, and arrival/departure time. All of these pluses aren’t limited to just vehicle trackers.

With the mobile app, you also get extra tracking options which you can save for later. This unlimited playback is one of the many perks of our Premium upgrade. So, track as many locations as you want now and view them whenever you please.

Equally, instead of simply settling for a map that identifies locations, a Premium version of the trackOmeter tracking app provides you with a 360 degree augmented reality view. You can view your devices in their actual locations and not just the common map view.

Thinking about security?

TrackOmeter is designed with a 2048 Bit SSL propriety encryption that keeps your data location secure. You never have to panic that strangers can gain access into your location information.

Only those you share your location with can tell where you are at whatever time. Promise – we care about your privacy and have taken the needed measures to keep it safe.

And this app is brilliant for keeping your kids in place. The Gen Z generation wants to have all the freedom in the world. So, if you won’t want to pass for a “mean parent,” you can give your kids the freedom they want while actually staying informed about their location. And since you can track their location with just an app on your mobile, then you can rest assured that they’re safe.

The Big Picture and Future of this GPS Tracker App

Every ten seconds, the mobile GPS tracker app updates itself to refresh the location (which of course, could change within that space of time). The real time live view gives you instant notification about people or things. So, if you’re concerned about securing your staff and assets, then you should think trackOmeter. There’s no better way to manage your business or the people involved.

Interestingly, the mobile tracker has a simple design that saves your location search and views, and stores historical data. Apart from the smooth configuration, you can include your tracking duration. Once all your staff are connected to this, they get to share in your company’s settings. And since the GPS tracker app works in the background, you can extract as much useful user information as possible, for example, employee driver license details.

This coverage for your mobile users enables you, as an individual or organization, to promote security, excellence, and outstanding results. Your organization can rely on the knowledge that your sales representatives, for instance, are delivering top-notch input to work. And as a parent or friend, you can always be there for that child or friend that needs you.

In Conclusion

It’s obvious now that your Apple or Android device is more than just a mobile. With trackOmeter, your phone is as good as a mobile tracker or spy. So, don’t feel limited to the portable tracker.
With our tracker app, you can track and share your location on as many devices and with as many people as possible. Track your employees by installing the app on their phones. Why not visit the Google Play or Apple Store now for your free download and guaranteed tracking solutions?