GPS Tracking

Tracking for cars, equipment and mobile staff.

trackOmeter has been providing GPS Tracking services to over 120 countries for over 10 years.

The tracker plugs into your vehicle and sends the encrypted location information to our system every 10 seconds. The system decrypts the data within a fraction of a second and simultaneously stores it on the tracking system. Additionally, it processes the data and delivers it to your portal.

At the same time, the system processes all reports and alerts and send out any notifications in real time. This gives you all the up to date information as it happens.

You’ll save time and money by always knowing where your vehicles and staff are at this moment as well as where they have been.

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Over 100,000 customers around the world.

Easiest to use Vehicle tracking system on the planet

We understand that lengthy pdf and excel reports are ineffective and don’t provide much value to the busy business owner.
An easy to use Tracking system makes your life easier.

The system was meticulously developed with business owners in mind.
With an obsession for precision and efficiency and along with our in-house Software Engineers we have built something truly amazing.

Our Tracking portal will improve your fleet’s performance and efficiency so you can concentrate on your business.

Image of the GPS Tracker dashboard of the trackOmeter Vehicle Tracking System

First in the industry

Our unique and precise timeline is the first in the industry and offers the simplest way to view each GPS tracker.

Go back in time by dragging the timeline. You’ll see all your tracking devices moving as you drag to reveal their exact position in time.

The timeline design is exclusive to trackOmeter and an industry first. It makes historical playback of your trackers location easier than ever before.

See how trackOmeter can help your business

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Why only $11/month?

We get this question a lot.

Our System has been developed in-house by the best Software Engineers in the field.
It’s based in cloud based, highly optimised, very efficient and extremely scalable.

We process all the incoming tracking data very quickly and efficiently and reduce outgoing costs considerably.

We pass these savings onto you.​

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Why trackOmeter tracking devices

No contracts! Only $11/month

We’re committed to you, not the other way around. Our monthly plans are easy to setup and cancel at any time.

Sim Card Included

All trackers come with a sim card installed so you don’t have to waste time shopping for one.

Lifetime warranty

We use the highest quality tracking devices which are covered by a lifetime warranty.

Plug and Play

No Installation required. Just connect the Plug and Play trackers into the diagnostic port on your vehicle.

Secure, fast and a pleasure to use.

10 second interval

Your vehicle is tracked every 10 seconds, even when stationary.

Cloud based

All data is transmitted and stored securely using Microsoft’s world class data centers.


Meticulously designed with a focus on simplicity and ease of use.

Features of our vehicle tracking system​

Easiest way of keeping track of your fleet.

Live view of your trackers

The combined Live and Playback page clearly shows you the current location of all your vehicles and staff on a single page.


Clear and easy to use geofencing feature notifies you when a vehicle has entered or exited certain areas.

Notifications with a twist

Flexible notification options will alert you of triggered events. You will get notifications by email and SMS or in-app. You can also receive a phone call when events occur.

24 hour customer service

Our customer support is second to none.
Get in touch with us by telephone, live online chat or priority email support. Most requests are handled within 2 hours.

Battery backup

With extended battery life, the trackers will keep working when unplugged. We’ll notify you when your tracker is unplugged.

API Integration

Integrate your internal business processes using our powerful and lightning fast API.

Unlimited history

With unlimited history, you can go back in time as far as you like. We don’t restrict the history, nor do we delete any historical events.

Vehicle Maintenance alerts

trackOmeter car tracking devices keep track of your vehicle’s mileage and notifies you when it’s time for a service or registration renewal.

Work vs Personal scheduling

Select your operating hours and receive notifications on work and personal usage.

Track in areas with no reception

The tracking devices keep tracking even without cellular data coverage. The tracker’s internal memory stores the the location data and sends it to the system once a connection is available.

Driving behaviour

Keep track of how your drivers are treating your vehicles. Get reports of excessive acceleration, braking, cornering, speeding and also extended idling times.

Image of GPS Tracking Devices on the trackOmeter mobile app

Download the trackOmeter app now

Turn your phone into a mobile tracker with the trackOmeter app.

trackOmeter works on your iPhone, iPad or an Android device.
Get it from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Who uses trackOmeter

Let trackOmeter help you with your fleet tracking

Service businesses

The tracker will locate your electricians, plumbers, service staff, installers and provide better response times to your customers.

​Sales Reps

Track your sales representatives and make sure they are hitting their targets in addition to visiting clients.

Door to door sales reps

Use our mobile tracker app GPS to track mobile sales staff without vehicles. Ensure that they visit all sites.

Food delivery

Measure performance of your food delivery service, report on customer wait times.

Car Rental

Secure fleets of rental cars and stop aggressive driving habits and ensure they're not being driven out of allowable zones.

Courier and Transportation

Use the tracking devices to get insight into your drivers' performance by measuring the average trip times and determining best routes.

Farm Equipment

Make sure your tractors/harvesters, compactors and earth moving equipment is where its supposed to be and be notified when its moved with up to 2 year battery standby.

​Equipment Hire

Use our long life battery powered tracking device to find the locations of your scissor lifts, generators, mobile billboards, concrete cutters where continuous power is not available.


Monitor location of trucks, vans, loaders, excavators and cranes. The tracking devices can be mounted to virtually any machine with a battery.

Taxi and Limousine

Track your fleet of vehicles and monitor driver's performance to improve customer satisfaction.

Track your fleet with trackOmeter

Let us help you look after your fleet while you concentrate on running your business.

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