GPS Trackers

Intuitive and cost effective GPS tracking for modern businesses

The GPS Tracking system can track business as well as private vehicles. We have been providing GPS Trackers to over 120 countries for over 10 years.

GPS Tracking system

The GPS tracker

The GPS Trackers plug into your vehicle and send the encrypted location information to our system every 10 seconds. The system decrypts the data within a fraction of a second and simultaneously stores it on the tracking system. Additionally, it processes the data and delivers it to your portal. At the same time, the system processes all reports and alerts and send out any notifications in real time. This gives you all the up to date information as it happens.

GPS tracker types

Types of GPS trackers.

All GPS trackers serve the same function. They receive a singal from satellites and store the location in memory and/or send it to an online server. Trackers fall into the following categories.

Active trackers

Powered trackers

Powered trackers are either "plug and play" or "hardwired". Plug and play trackers connect to a vehicle's diagnostic port (OBD) and Hardwired trackers are directly connected to a power supply.

Vehicle trackers
Active trackers

Asset trackers

These are battery powered trackers that don't rely on external power. Asset trackers are used for trailers, motorbikes, caravans, equipment and tools.

Passive trackers

GPS Loggers are passive trackers, they don't initiate connections to a server and don't actively send any data. They store GPS locations internally and need to be connected to a computer to download the data. Other passive trackers include RFID and Bluetooth tags.

Choosing a GPS tracking device.

With so many models of GPS trackers available, here is a simple chart to help you decide. Off course we're here to help if you need advice.

I need a tracker for... Tracker type

Trades, transport, courier, cold storage, car rental

I need to track the location of vehicles used to run my business.

GPS tracker for car

Excavation equipment, ride-on lawn mowers, boats, caravans

I have equipment with a battery and need to know if it is moved.

car GPS tracker


I need to track my fleet of Trucks.

Truck tracker

Can't match the tracker you need? Let us know.

gps tracker map

Real time GPS tracker

Our lightning fast and easy to use system lets you view all your tracking devices on a single page.

playback timeline

Unique and industry first design lets you instantly playback unlimited history of all your devices.

tracking live view
gps tracking

Over 130,000 gps tracker device in Australia and abroad.

trackOmeter is a world class, professionally developed tracking system. Low cost, easy setup, instant reporting, and smart alerts.
Let us manage your fleet while you run your business.

Tracking 133,214 devices globally.

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Easy to use tracking system for

We understand that lengthy pdf and excel reports are ineffective and don’t provide much value to the busy business owner. An easy to use Tracking system makes your life easier.

The system was meticulously developed with business owners in mind. With an obsession for precision and efficiency and along with our in-house Software Engineers we have built something truly amazing.

Our Tracking system will improve your fleet’s performance and efficiency so you can concentrate on your business.

Real time system

Live view tracking

All features included

Unlimited devices

Unlimited users

Unlimited devices

office workers

Call us now!

Get the best GPS tracker.

gps tracking system map

Features of our tracking device.
Keep track of your fleet.

View all your devices on a single screen, monitor locations with a playback timeline. No restrictions on reporting and notifications.

All tracking system features

Real time gps tracker

The trackOmeter system uses a "PUSH" approach to instantly refresh the map location in real time as soon as a sample is received from your fleet.

Live view of your devices

View all your GPS trackers on a single screen. Keep an eye on your fleet and see their current location.

Full Fleet management software

No plans, no contracts. All fleet features included for $11/month

trackOmeter GPS tracking device

We've built well over a dozen custom systems for governments and multinational transport companies.

First in the industry

Our unique and precise timeline is the first in the industry and offers the simplest way to view each GPS location.
The timeline design is exclusive to trackOmeter and an industry first. It makes historical playback of your trackers location easier than ever before.

Unlimited history and reporting features

With unlimited history, you can go back in time as far as you like. We don’t restrict anything. Unlimited access to all features.

GPS Tracking portal



Locations tracked.


Trips recorded.

Our customers are our biggest fans.

We don't like to brag, but we don't mind letting our customers do it for us. Here are a few things they say about us over the years.

“We recently had Matthew from trackOmeter compare our old trackers from another company and I can not recommend them highly enough. Not only is the system easier to use, it’s also 3 times cheaper than what we were paying.”

Steve Micos

“We love our GPS tracker supplied by trackOmeter. Friendly service and easy to use portal. 😊”

Madeline Hall

“The GPS trackers are perfect, easy to use, easy to track, cheaper than most other services and support is outstanding. We have been using trackometer for almost 3 years and will continue for as long as we run our business. Very happy with our purchase and would recommend for anyone needing gps trackers.”

Rod D

“Have been tracking our fleet for over 5 months and have been very happy. Trackers haven't skipped a beat and very easy to use. Will use their trackers from now on, exactly as advertised and the price is the best out there.”

GPS tracking device pricing

No plans, no contracts, no complicated pricing levels. All features included for a single monthly price.

GPS Tracking
$ 11 inc. GST

per month

Real time gps tracker

LIVE Tracking

Hybrid SIM (Telstra/Optus/Vodafone)

Unlimited Users, Reporting, Geofening, Trips, Scheduling, Notifications, Sharing

Free API access

No contracts

Free support

Buy now!


We offer variable pricing with discounts for larger organizations. Get in touch with us and we’ll figure out something that works for everyone.

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Why only $11/month?

The System has been developed in-house by the best Software Engineers in the field. Our System is cloud based, highly optimised, very efficient and extremely scaleable.

We process all the incoming location data very quickly and efficiently and considerably reduce outgoing fleet costs.

We DO have a network of over 100,000 happy customers.

We DON'T resell other tracking services where everyone in line takes their cut.

We DON'T spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising.

We DO partner with the best tracking manufacturers in the world.

We DON'T have warehouses or shop fronts. we work on the Just-In-Time model.

We DON'T have hundreds of sales staff, just the best R&D and support team.


Can I view all my trackers on one screen?

Absolutely. You can easily view thousands of trackers on the live page in real time.


Do you have a mobile app?

Yes. We have mobile apps at no charge, you can also track your mobile workers with the mobile application.


Do you provide email reports?

Yup! Unlimited email reports can be automatically emailed at no charge.


Can I add extra users?

Yes. You can add as many users as you like and set different permissions for each user.