Truck tracking

GPS truck tracking for your entire fleet of trucks. Full featured system for $11 month.

truck tracking

GPS truck tracking
Semi-trailers, bin truck, food trucks.

Australia is a vast country thousands of kilometers between cities. Keeping track of these distances has always posed a challenge to telematics providers.

Truck tracking devices address the issues faced by long distance truck drivers in Australia. With the trackOmeter truck GPS tracking system you're able to monitor driver safety and driving habits, engine performance, trailer status and more.







truck gps tracking

Install a GPS tracker for trucks

Locate trucks and maximise your truck fleet efficiency with our truck tracking device. The trackOmeter truck tracking system along with the highest quality GPS trackers for trucks is built to scale.

truck gps tracking

Semi-trailer truck tracking

See a real time map of your distribution truck fleet, even in low reception areas.


Bin truck tracking

See a live map of the all the bin trucks in your fleet and deploy the closest one to your clients.


Food truck tracking

Monitor the temperature of the contents of food trucks with a wireless Bluetooth temperature sensor.

Where is the best place to put a GPS tracker on a truck?

The best location for a truck tracker is in the cabin and close to the window. The tracker contains several antennas for receiving satellite signals and connecting to the internet. They work best when they are closer to a window with a view of the sky.

truck tracker location
Best location for a truck GPS tracker

Luckily, truck cabins are roomy with large windows and wide dashboards. The dashboards are made from plastic which radio waves pass through fairly easily. It's important not to place a tracker too low to the floor where it's surrounded by the solid metal chassis. Since truck drivers in Australia travel some of the longest distances in the world, the mobile reception is some areas is limited so it's important to mount the trackers as close to the sky as possible.

GPS truck tracking features

The trackOmeter system is a full featured fleet management system.
All features are included at one low cost, without contract or surprises.

Tracking without mobile reception

In areas without mobile reception, the tracker stores locations internally and sends them to the server once a connection becomes available.

Real time truck tracking

Live view timeline on the system gives you a real time view of the locations of all your trackers.

Hybrid sim cards

Unlike most sim cards, our special, hybrid sim card connect to the strongest network automatically, whether it's Telstra, Optus or Vodafone.

Wireless sensors

Monitor the temperature of your food and cold transport trucks while in transit.

Engine performance

Get alerts on excessive engine RPM, high fuel usage or oil temperature.

Driving behaviour

Reduce wear and tear by promoting safe driving behaviour by monitoring aggressive acceleration, cornering, and braking.

Frequently asked questions

Some of the most asked questions.

There is only 1 plan, $11 per month per tracker. Includes GST. No minimum contract or extra hidden costs.

Yes. you can download the free mobile tracker app here.

Yes. The tracker has outputs which can be wired to a relay immobiliser and controlled remotely.

The trackers are 4G LTE and CAT-M1 (5G). They will continue to work once the 3G network is shut down.

The trackers are not difficult to install but require someone with experience with truck wiring.
Don't worry, we have installers Australia wide if you don't have your own auto electrician or mechanic.

Truck GPS tracking pricing

The RT-AR5 is a European made tracker suitable for any type of truck with a 10-30VDC power supply.
Single tracker price and 1 low-cost monthly fee.

The tracker includes free shipping.
Ongoing fee for our truck GPS tracking system with unlimited data and reporting is $11 per month.
All prices include GST.

Telstra, Vodafone and Optus on one Sim card

Real time truck tracking

Unlimited playback and reporting

Engine management alerts

Wireless temperature sensors

Hardwired 4G truck tracker

4G hardwired truck tracking device

Professional LTE CAT M1 GPS tracker for trucks with GNSS, Bluetooth, accelerometer, configurable digital and analogue inputs and outputs and a built-in battery. Perfectly suited for all types of light and heavy trucks.

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Buy a truck tracking device

$11 per month includes all unlimited features, there are no contracts and no surprises with Australian based support.

“The trackers are perfect, easy to use, easy to track, cheaper than most other services and support is outstanding. We have been using trackometer for almost 3 years and will continue for as long as we run our business. Very happy with our purchase and would recommend for anyone needing car trackers.”