gps tracking system features

Features of the GPS tracking system.
Clean, secure, responsive and easy.

The trackOmeter tracking system is a professionaly developed, full featured GPS Fleet Tracking platform at a single low cost.
It is easy to setup and easy to use with instant reporting and smart alerts. Which let us help you manage your entire fleet, no matter how big or small. We'll manage the tracking as you concentrate on your business.

Real time live view

True Real Time view.
Revolutionary way of displaying all trackers on a single screen.

Unlike traditional portals which refresh tracker location data at regular intervals. The trackOmeter portal uses a "PUSH" approach which refreshes a tracker's location as soon as a sample is received from the tracker. This method allows you to view thousands of trackers on a single screen with a delay of less than 1/100th of a second.
Experience instant load times and a true Live View.

Image of live track
Image of car detail marker
Image of live view
Magic timeline

Reinvented playback timeline.
First in the industry.

Playing back historical location of trackers is a huge challange. It involves instantly retreiving and display large amounts of data.
Traditionally, this was cumbersome and annoying and forced the user to select a daterange (usually a few days).
We reinvented historical playback. It's now beautiful and a pleasure to use.

Image of playback timeline

Incredible accuracy.
Smart location sampling.

Dynamic location tracking ensures that each detail is captured. Locations are recorded with movement, changes in speed, angle of turn, distance driven, duration of time and changes in driving behaviour.
Smart sleep mode ensures that the vehicles battery is not drained.

Image of accurate tracking

World class development team.
Developed in-house.

Highly skilled development team lead by PhD educated Software engineers.
The portal has been designed and developed from the ground up with performance and security at its core.
Pixel perfect design and lightning fast performance backed up with the latest developement technologies and continuous developer training practices.

Image of microsoft certified

Trip reporting.
Detailed trip summary.

View a summary of all tracker trips and drill down for precise details of each trip taken.
Detailed map and graph view allows you to narrow in on driving beviour and efficiency.
Easily reconcile time sheets with actual trip data.

Image of vehicle trip

Driver behaviour.
Scoring and risk assessment.

Automated driver behaviour scoring. Data on acceleration, braking, over speeding, harsh cornering and idling is instantly calculated to provide you with a driving style rating.

Image of driver score
Image of driver details
Image of driving behaviour
Graphical reports

Beautiful reporting.
Graphical trip and driving reports.

The reporting tab displays a graphical summary of all your vehicles. One click range selector shows an overview of your fleet’s performance so you can see all trips, stops, distances and travel times display on a single screen.
Click on a vehicle to see a detailed summary in a beautiful and easy to use design.

Image of scheduling
Image of trip report
Image of trip detail
Unlimited geofencing

Places and geofencing.
Unlimited advanced geofencing.

Easily create geofence overlays of any shape or import from popular mapping formats. There is no limits on the number of geofences you can create. Set up in-app notifications, emails or SMS. You can even receive a phone call.

Image of geofence
Advanced route journeys

Create unlimited corridors.
Enforce paths taken.

Create or import street routes to ensure that only approved roads are taken.
Add safe stoppage zones. Get notifications for unauthorised stops and when vehicles leave the route. Add end points to the routes and receive emailed reports on completion of each journey.

Image of australia route corridor
Image of route journey detail
Image of corridor degigner
Advanced Search

Filtering and Searching.
Fast and easy.

Filtering trackers by movement status lets you quickly select between trackers in motion or how long they have been stationary. Search by landmark, geofence or select an area an and see which trackers spent time at that location.

Image of filter settings
Image of search by location
Image of filter styles

Instant notifications.
Only what's important.

Choose to be notified by instant popup toast messages, email, SMS or even a telephone call on events that are important to you.
Setup unlimited notifications, from the simplest, to more complicated ones, such as when a vehicle has been stationary for too long or it has been outside of a worksite for longer than 15 minutes.

Image of list of alerts
Image of in-app notifications
Image of toast alerts

Hybrid SIM cards.
Multi-network with global reach.

Automatically switching SIM cards. Tracker SIM cards automatically connect to the strongest signal from over 343 networks accross 174 countries.

Image of gsm types
Image of globe
Image of gsm networks

Bluetooth remote sensors.
Temperature, movement and more.

Monitor food transport with wireless bluetooth temperature sensors, engine RPM, fuel level, door inputs, driver swipe cards and much, much more.

Image of sensors
Image of inputs-outputs
Image of bluetooth

Support for 18 languages.
Portal, notifications and voice.

Full support for 18 languages. Including; English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Koean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Ukranian.

Image of translation
Image of flags
Image of language-selector

Multiple GPS Systems.
Simultaneous connections.

Centimeter accuracy with simultaneous connections to all major GPS systems
Built in support for USA "GPS", Russian "GLONASS", European "Galileo", Chinese "BeiDou", Japanese "QZSS" and Assisted GNSS.

Image of satellites
Image of gps-types
Image of gps-images
Multi user

Unlimited Users and sharing.
Multiple user permissions.

Unlimited user accounts. Create unlimited and auto expiring sharing links and send them to anyone you want to see your location.

Image of user-list
Image of sharing
Image of sharing-screen
Mobile App

Free mobile app.
In-app notifications.

Monitor your entire fleet while on the move. Live view and unlimited playback for each of your devices directly from your phone.
Share the app with your family members and see each other's location along side your fleet.

Image of app-stores
Image of trackOmeter-app
Image of mobile-app

...and more soon.

trackOmeter is an ever-growing tracking solution of composable components. We’re consistently adding new features, improving components, and gathering feedback from customers to make their experience better.