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The best GPS tracker for car owners. Complete car GPS tracker system for only $11 month.

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Maintain your vehicles in optimum condition with our car GPS tracker. The system is meticulously designed with a focus on simplicity and ease of use. Track driving behaviour, vehicle and fuel usage and maintenance schedules. Easy to use with automated reports of daily trip summaries and customisable business rules.


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What is a car tracker.

A car GPS tracker is a unit which tracks vehicle locations. As well as protecting against car theft, a vehicle tracking system shows you the car's location in real time.

Car trackers also record information about driving behaviour, engine speed, engine temperature as well as advanced feaytures like measuring driving times and trips made vy the vehicles.

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The are 2 main types of tracking device for cars, Plug and play and Hardwired.

Plug and Play 4G car tracker

OBD2 plug & play GPS tracker for car

LTE CAT M1 plug and play OBD2 vehicle GPS tracker with GNSS, Bluetooth, accelerometer and a built-in battery. Effortless DIY installation and supports OBD2 parameters and various Bluetooth Low Energy sensors and beacons.


Hardwired 4G car tracker

4G hardwired car tracker

Professional LTE CAT M1 4G vehicle GPS tracker with GNSS, Bluetooth, accelerometer, configurable digital and analogue inputs and outputs and a built-in battery. Perfectly suited for vehicles with a power supply but without an OBD port.


Choosing the best tracking device for cars.

Use this chart to choose the right car GPS tracker. Off course we're here to help if you need advice.

I need a tracker for... Tracker type


I have a business with my own vehicles and drivers and need a tracking device that doesn't need to be hidden.

RT-OBD001 4G vehicle tracker Buy


I run a delivery business with my vans and hire contract drivers. I want a car GPS tracker that I can hide.

RT-OBD001 4G vehicle tracker RT-OBDSPLT1 OBD splitter cable Buy


My courier business hires drivers who have their own vehicles and I want to track their vehicles.

RT-OBD001 4G vehicle tracker Buy

Cold storage

I deliver frozen food with my vans and need a vehicle GPS tarcker to monitor the temperature.

RT-OBD001 4G vehicle tracker RT-EYE1 Bluetooth temperature sensor Buy

Car rental

I need GPS car tracker that I can hide in the vewhicles I hire out.

RT-AR5 4G vehicle tracker Buy

Powered construction or landscaping vehicles

I need a vehicle tracker for my excavation equipment, bobcats, ride-on mowers that have a battery.

RT-AR5 4G vehicle tracker Buy

Can't find a car tracker for your vehicle? Let us know.

GPS tracker for car installation.

Installation of car trackers is easy no matter which vehicle GPS tracker device you buy.

Easy DIY car GPS tracker.

Installing a tracking device in your car.

Installing our car GPS tracker is very easy. just plug your tracker into your vehicle's OBD2 port (car, van or Ute).

OBD2 connector on a car
Possible OBD2 connector locations

Once the car tracker is plugged in, it will start sending data to the vehicle trackig software and you can see the location on the live map. You can use the OBD2 extension cable or splitter cables if you want to hide the tracker.

Professional vehicle tracker

Hardwired installation.

If you purchased our hardwired tracking device, use the diagram printed on the tracker to connect the red and black cable to continuous battery power.

Hardwired tracker connection
Connection pins on the hardwired vehicle tracker

An additional ignition cable can be connected which will detect the ignition status of the vehicle and provide more detailed trip reports.

Buy a car GPS tracker

No matter what industry you're in, or how many cars or users you have, Buy the best car trackers in Australia.

“The trackers are perfect, easy to use, easy to track, cheaper than most other services and support is outstanding. We have been using trackometer for almost 3 years and will continue for as long as we run our business. Very happy with our purchase and would recommend for anyone needing car trackers.”