Car Tracking

trackOmeter has been supplying car trackers for over 10 years.

Your tracker arrives configured and activated on your account, you can even track it through the post.
There’s no waiting, no contracts and for $11/month.
Includes the sim card, data usage, unlimited playback, notifications, all reports,… everything

Increase fleet productivity​

Increase productivity with car tracking. Discourage personal vehicle usage and time wasting.

Enforce Accountability​

Check time spent on the road and introduce accountability.

Faster Response Times​

Respond to customers in a timely manner by dispatching the closest  staff.

Location sharing​

Create temporary location sharing links and send it to your clients. They will see how close you are. It will give your clients a memorable service experience.

Stay informed​

Know your driver’s location and their previous trips. Make informed fleet decisions with our easy to use portal and mobile app.

Easy and concise reports​

Check the day’s usage for all vehicles, see stop duration and trip reports.

Multiple user accounts​

Do you have multiple sites that need to accessed by different people?

Add users and share your vehicles with them, you have full access.

Image of gps tracker for car in a van

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8% vehicle usage is personal

Personal trips account for 8% of the total vehicle kilometers traveled.

Car stolen every 45 seconds

Increasing car theft and 31% of stolen cars aren't recovered.

Fuel theft accounts for 3-6%

It's estimated that employees steal 3-6% of fuel company cars.

The trackOmeter Portal​

Clean, responsive and simple to use.

Simple Live view and playback

The front page of the vehicle tracker system shows you most of the information.

See an overview of the day’s activity including;

  • Current location of your entire fleet updated every 10 seconds
  • Simple draggable timeline for historical playback
  • History line showing the day's trips for each vehicle
  • Current Speed of the vehicles
  • Any alerts for each vehicle

All this without even leaving the fist screen.

Image of car tracking device on a computer
Image of gps device for car report on a computer

Graphical Trip, Stop and Driving reports

The reporting tab shows a graphical summary of all your vehicles.

One click range selector takes you to an overview of the fleet performance. All trips, stops, distances and travel times display on a single screen.

Clicking on a vehicle lets you select detailed reports. All in a beautiful and easy to use design.

Places and geofencing

Drag and drop interface lets you configure schedules, places and geofences.

Configure events and notifications without hassle.

Alerts can be setup as in-app, emails and SMS. You can receive a phone call.

Image of gps tracker for car on a tablet
Image of car gps on a phone

On the move

The gps location app works intuitively on any mobile device. Drag your finder for historical playback.

 Hundreds of thousands of people use the app all over the world.

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Image of GPS Tracking Devices on the trackOmeter mobile app

Download and track your car GPS devices​

Use the mobile phone tracker app to access your fleet management software.

The mobile tracker app on your iPhone, iPad or an Android device.
Get it from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Image of a map

Enforce company policies​

Take control of your fleet by making staff accountable for vehicle usage.

Harsh driving​

Track harsh acceleration, braking, cornering, speeding and high engine RPM.

Stay informed​

Track your vehicles with ease with the gps device for cars. No matter the size of business you have. Make informed decisions using trip history and driving behavior.

Driving behaviour​

Reduce maintenance costs and risk of accidents. Comply with local and federal laws and keep track of driving behaviour.

Usage restrictions​

Enforce vehicle usage by defining working hours and area boundaries.
Prevent staff from driving the vehicles outside of the company rules.

Driver Fatigue​

Identify long trips and continuous driving.

Out of bounds​

Respond to customers without delay. Know the exact location of your mobile workforce. Improve customer satisfaction and save fuel by sending the closest staff.

Vehicle maintenance​

Know vehicles service due dates.

excessive engine RPM

Identify excessive engine RPM speeds to reduce vehicle maintenance.

Excessive idle times

Long idling wastes money in fuel and time.

No warm up

Monitor vehicles driven without warming up.
This is important in colder climates because engine damage can occur.

*Some features rely on the ODB2 capabilities of the vehicle.

All this for $11 a month​

One low cost of $11 per month

trackOmeter GPS Tracking is cost effective to use and maintain.

Our reporting manages your fleet as you concentrate on your business.

Low cost, easy setup, instant reporting and smart alerts. Let us help you manage your entire fleet, no matter how big or small.

  • Keep track of employee arrival and departure times. Monitor travel times and locations traveled.
  • Track and record your 4x4 trips
  • Discover personal usage, missing petrol and missed appointments.
  • Keep track of hire and rental equipment
  • Industry grade reporting using our easy to use service.
  • LIVE View and historical playback
  • Free phone tracker app
  • Compliment to dash cameras and car GPS navigation systems

GPS Tracker for cars

Once you receive your GPS Tracker, setup is easy.

Plug it into the OBD port on your vehicle and you’re tracking in minutes.

The ODB2 plug and play Car Tracker doesn’t require any additional power source.

Hard wired vehicle tracker

Use our hardware GPS vehicle trackers for vehicles manufactured prior to 2000. Track motorbikes, boats, industrial and mining equipment.

  • Permanently installed trackers for trucks, cars, trailers, ships, vans and personnel
  • REAL TIME tracking with 10 second location updates
  • Government regulatory compliance
  • Custom reporting built for your business
  • Advanced SDK/API Developer Integration
  • Report scheduling, multiple user accounts
  • Live Alerts via mobile notifications, SMS, email or telephone calls

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Advanced features

Advanced features of the trackOmeter system

Cloud based

World Class Database design for instant data retrieval and secure and reliable data storage.


Multi platform support for smart phones, tablets and most browsers.

Easy to read

Great looking reports without any additional training in reporting programs, export reports directly to pdf formats.

Fast Reporting

Quickly drill down to the historical data you want with quick select calendars.


Emergency SOS Triggers notify your closest contacts to your location.


High reliability Data center hosted servers for maximum up time and performance.

Multi user

Multi User support built in. No need to purchase additional licenses.

Fast view

LIVE, Real Time view of devices using a clean and simple to use web page.


Global location tracking with time zone support.

Data export

Export data to popular Geographical data formats such as GPX and KML.


Receive instant email and smart phone notifications by setting up alert triggers.

Secure logins

Usernames and Passwords are encrypted and transmitted using secure communications.

Quick Views

Store your searches and views as favorites for quick future retrieval of each vehicle GPS unit.


Notifications on devices departing or arriving at places. Just mark your place and select the notification.


Powerful Search allows for access to the exact importation you need, search by date, geofence, speed and much, much more.


Multiple report exporting options for most commonly used reports.

*Some features rely on the ODB2 capabilities of the vehicle.
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