trackOmeter v3 is here!

Mobile Tracker app makes location sharing fun and easy.

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The latest version of the trackOmeter phone tracker is here.

Keep track of the location of your family and friends for free.

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App features

  • Install on as many devices as you like

  • 24 Hour Playback FREE

  • Unlimited sharing

  • Track live and historical locations and speed of shared devices

  • Add traditional portable or vehicle trackers and view them directly in the app

  • ONE TIME premium upgrade available (No ongoing costs)

  • Real tracking app, no tricks, no gimmicks, no catches, no nonsense.

  • Secure Communication

  • SSL encryption to communicate with the online server to protect your privacy.

  • View current location and playback visited location from within the app or using the website.

  • Real-Time LIVE Tracking and logging. All Data is available in Real-Time, visit the trackOmeter Tracking Dashboard to view current location and playback tracking history

  • Free location monitoring and playback.

  • Someone’s asking where you are, just send them a link and they can see your location LIVE

  • Remove sharing at any time

  • Background Service so it keeps tracking while your phone is locked

  • The app runs in the background so it keeps tracking when your phone is locked.

  • View your tracks and follow others

  • Track iPhones and Android devices.

  • Track Family and Friends from anywhere in the world.

  • Location updates as often as every 10 seconds.

  • Recording of Locations

  • Install on as many phones as you like Follow unlimited number of people

  • Playback movements for up to 24 hours for FREE

  • The perfect iphone tracker.

Premium Features

  • More frequent updates.

  • Augmented reality view

  • Unlimited playback history

  • Unlimited portal features

How it works

The app uses your phone's GPS which communicates with our secure online tracking system to give you fast and accurate ability to view the current LIVE location and Playback of previous movements of your device.

  • Follow family and friends

  • Track your travel locations

  • Keep a record of your child’s movements

  • Child Tracker

  • Find a lost or stolen phone

  • Invite others and share your location

  • Turn your phone into a Phone Spy

  • Playback where you've been

trackOmeter is actively maintained and supported.

We thank you for your loyalty over the years and always look forward to your feedback.

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