Staff Tracking

Track any mobile workforce.

Track staff, elderly, kids and lone workers

Tracking with no internet

Data is logged in internal memory when an internet connection is not available.

The saved data is automatically updates once an internet connection becomes available.

Remote/ Lone worker Tracking

Stay informed of the location of your lone workers.
When your employees are in trouble, they can press the Personal Tracker’s SOS button and you will be immediately notified by an instant notification, SMS and email.


Excel OH&S needs, track and protect remote staff or provide increased freedom and safety for your children or those that suffer from disabilities.

Personal Tracking

trackOmeter lets you know when people enter or leave a defined area such as home, school or workplace.

Speed is also recorded with the option to send notifications when required. 10 second interval location updates.

Staff Tracking

Track your sales representatives and make sure they are hitting their targets.

Tracking by Personal Tracker or App

Track any mobile workforce with trackOmeter Portable GPS Trackers

The Portable Tracker

Image of RT-P36 Portable GPS Tracker

The RT-P36 is a cost effective portable GPS Tracker with a 7 day standby battery.

Provide your users with this personal tracker and track them along side your vehicles

​Man down/ SOS alarm
The RT-P36 will notify you by SMS or a Push Notification when a fall is detected or when the SOS button is pressed.

Portable design
Small and sleek package yet packed with features only found on much larger trackers.

2 Way Calling and Listen-in
With a built in microphone and speaker, you can call the Tracker and listen in on what’s going on.

You can also make calls to pre defined telephone numbers by pressing the CALL button on the Tracker.

IP65 Water rating
The RT-P36 is fully sealed to guarantee the IP65 Water rating for uninterrupted performance.

The GPS Tools App

Image of trackOmeter app

Turns a mobile device into a GPS tracker.

Install the app on the user’s phone and we do the rest.

iPhone and Android
Installing the GPS Tools Tracking app lets you track almost any mobile device.

Remote configuration
Easily configure the tracking app from your dashboard. Set the tracking duration and enforce your company’s policy. The settings are automatically rolled out to all your users.

Stay compliant
Built in compliance manager lets you to collect user information like their driver license details, expiry date and accept any new company policies before they use the app, ensuring you are up do date with any industry compliance requirements.

Background operation
The GPS Tools app runs in the background, continuously sending it’s location data.

We have your staff covered

Image of the GPS Tools app design