GPS Accuracy

GPS Accuracy depends on accuracy of clocks on the satellites transmitting the signals, satellite speed and altitude, atmospheric conditions, geometry of the globe and the accuracy of the receiver. The…

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Is GPS Tracking legal?

As a general rule, using a car tracker or any other tracking devices to track the location of employees or the vehicle they are driving is legal in Australian as…

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6 Ways to Cut Fleet Management costs

Fleet managers are responsible for running a cost-effective and efficient operation. Maintaining such a fleet requires strategic vision and understanding of all the stakes. Here are 6 Ways to Cut…

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What are tracking devices

Tracking devices can record the exact position of the targeted entity at specific time intervals. After that the data collected is stored either within the device or transferred to a location a database center or an Internet-enabled computer.

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GPS-Disabled Dockless Bikes

The recent spread of dockless bikes in Melbourne and Sydney is turning into a catastrophe of gargantuan proportion. The streets of both cities are getting littered with two-wheeled, GPS-Disabled Dockless…

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Mobile GPS Tracker App

Download TrackOmeter Mobile GPS Phone tracker App Staying in touch with your family and employees has never been easier with the trackOmeter GPS Tracker app. In an age where crime…

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trackOmeter v3 is here!

GPS Tracking app makes GPS Tracking fun and easy. The latest version of the GPS Tracking app by trackOmeter is here. trackOmeter has been providing Vehicle GPS Tracking solutions…

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Types of GPS Vehicle Trackers

GPS vehicle trackers have become an important component of Businesses, especially for fleet managers, as it serves the following major purposes: Fleet Vehicle Trackers Fleet monitoring solutions are instrumental in…

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